Will RIM meet the february launch of os2 for Playbook?

I know that by now any promises from RIM should be taken with a grain of salt, but I'm wondering if anyone thinks they'll meet their Feb. timeframe for releasing os2 for the Playbook. I have the latest developer build on my pb and I gotta say that with a little over a month to go they sure have a lot of work to do.

Don't get me wrong, the os2 developer build shows promise. The UI is cleaner and snappier, the browser is noticeably faster, and there have even been some tweaks to the bluetooth support. And yes, you can get some android apps to work on it smoothly. I just think that there's still too much unfinished to be so close to a major revision. There's the obvious pim functionality that still doesn't exist, but its in the little things that the pb falls short. There's no error-correction or swype-style functiinality with the keyboard, the camera app seems to have been completely ignored since launch, and navigating the app store is a nightmare hell-ride.

I refuse to count the playbook out because the hardware is great and the gesture based QNX os is so naturally intuitive. All the raw materials are there; I just hope RIM can follow through and deliver a complete product this time.