The Verge as a Social Network

I know that since i graduated from College, social networking has mostly annoyed me. I really never log onto my FB, and not enough people i know use G+ so i just actually text the people i know instead of posting on their SN pages. I know thats a crazy idea, but it has really been working out for me.

There has been an absence in my browsing experience, that has ultimately been filled by the Verge. Not only by the main site but by the Podcasts/Vergecasts/On The Verge/ Forums. The fact that every post has comments is amazing, add in the Ustream and user created content and The Verge is an extremely social site. Its not that other sites have never branched out and tried things like this they just have not amassed the same following as Josh and Crew have. Nor have they translated that momentum so well onto an entirely new site like the Verge.

When you have this many people engrossed in the same content, and then allow to communicate about that content how ever they wish you have a very social atmosphere. The editors here also encourage user created content with user reviews, actually posting responses on posts, and mentioning interesting posts on the main page. While The Verge is not a social network in the traditional sense like FB or Twitter, is has certainly filled an online social need for me and im sure for others too. Finally, I can talk about tech with people who are as knowledgeable, if not more, than I am, and thats an awesome thing.

One final note is that Josh and Paul mentioned upcoming "secrete" plans for the future, and it seemed like those plans heavily involved us the "users". There is no doubt that what ever is to come The Verge Crew will execute it well, and the site will continue to grow quickly.

- Pruett