Pro-rating your Verizon Bill for Network Outages

So listen up, this is important: you have to ask Verizon to reduce your bill to compensate for their network outages. They will not do it automatically. I'm sure this shouldn't be a surprise, but for some reason it had never occurred to me.

I joined up with Verizon two years ago when the OG Droid came out. Now I have a Galaxy Nexus. The 3G network was reliable as hell and I never had this problem. LTE has been not so reliable down here in Southern California. I think today's is the third outage since I got my phone two weeks ago. Today's has been the worst by far.

So, I missed an important email this morning and replied super late because I didn't realize there was an outage at that point.

Just now I called Verizon. I asked the customer service rep if my bill would be prorated for the outage. I have a family plan and pay for data for both my wife and I, and I think it is horseshit that the network has been so unreliable, and I certainly don't think I should have to pay for Verizon's fuckups. The rep said "only if you ask for it." So I said "well I'm asking now." She said okay, she could prorate the bill for today, but I'd have to call back if there's still an outage tomorrow, etc.

I asked her why they don't automatically prorate my bill. The rep actually said "Sir, we have millions of customers...we aren't just going to reduce their bill automatically if we don't know they were inconvenienced by the outage." I was pretty bent out of shape by this point and said "really, that's the story you're going with?" and, believe me when I tell you she said "do you know how much money that would cost us?" Like, damn.

I blew my cool completely at that point and just started sputtering vitriol. Among other things I said "do you know how much money and aggravation you cause people who rely on your network to do business? Do you realize that you make the reliability of your network a key point of your marketing?" as if she had anything to do with any of this. But then I realized the futility of yelling at this poor minimum wage phone bank lady, calmed down, thanked her for her time, and hung up.

So yeah, whatever, all that aside...look, CALL THE MOTHERFUCKERS, GET A LIVE REP, AND DEMAND THEY REDUCE YOUR BILL. They'll do it, and it will cost their asses some money, and that's important...these outages should hurt them. I think a day's worth of outages gets me about a $1.80 for the two data plans, but if everyone called it would cost VZW many millions. They need to feel this. Otherwise they won't give a shit and we'll continue to have this problem like once a week.