After taking a look at the Cyanogenmod 9 launcher, Trebuchet, we thought we'd let you know what was in store for the default music player on the ROM — it's going to have plenty of features on top of what's currently available in the stock music player on Android 4.0.

Developer Andrew Neal broke down the details for us, and they include customizations aplenty: You'll be able to set custom shake actions (i.e. for next song or play/pause) that can work throughout the OS or when the screen is off, custom notification area controls that can have as many or few controls as you'd like, the ability to search Android Market, set ringtones, and swipe-gestures throughout the app. Neal is also planning on adding a full theme engine for others to customize the look and feel of the app, the idea of which has us pining for the old days of WinAmp.

It's not available for download yet, but will eventually get baked into the full Cyanogenmod 9 ROM, but Neal is also planning on releasing a version of the app into the Android Marketplace at some point, so non-hackers should get a chance to improve their music experience as well.