Paul Thurrott, a man with his finger on the Microsoft pulse, has today confirmed our intel about the HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel LTE Windows Phones coming next year, while also adding some details about a Nokia Ace. This already rumored codename is said to represent an LTE-capable Windows Phone from Nokia that should hit the market on March 18th. Paul's information relates only to the US, but the very specific timing he cites would suggest that plans are already at an advanced stage for Nokia's Rolling Thunder assault on the US. Moreover, Paul indicates that all three, the Radiant, the Mandel, and the Ace, will be shown off at CES — a mere couple of weeks from now — before launching on AT&T by the middle of the year. As to Verizon subscribers, the Lumia 710 will apparently be heading over there, sans LTE, in April. That doesn't sound like it'll satisfy anyone wearing red, not the carrier and not the people who want a competitive Nokia phone, but the 710's arrival doesn't rule out a more potent phone for the network further down the line.