Pre-color LCDs: what was your banner/greeting?


Amazing retro-tech (Samsung SCH-A400) via

So, it's 2000-2001, and your mobile phone has all the latest tech: voice-dialing, a 99-entry phone book, and at least one version of Fur Elise in the ringtone catalog. Your ten-line monochrome LCD with green backlight allows you a full eight to ten lines of pixels ... one of which you can make all your own. What did you use for your greeting?

My friend Dan had his Motorola StarTAC rigged to greet him with "SUP DAN" whenever he opened his clamshell, but I found this too casual, and not nearly Starfleet enough for my tastes. So, being a fan of the new Star Trek prequel then launching on UPN, when I picked up a SCH-3500 on Sprint to usher me into the mobile world in 2001, I chose the most topical Trek reference I could find: the new Enterprise's hull number.


Scott Bakula would approve.

And so NX-01 it was, staring back at me from my display for two years, from my 3500 to the LG TP 1100 to the Samsung A460.

So what was your greeting banner in the days before color LCDs?