It's all but a given that Intel will be showing off a smartphone running its Medfield platform at CES — back in September, Rubin teased Android phones and tablets running on the aforementioned Atom processor, and prototypes were tested at MIT. According to a report from Korea Times attributed to Intel Korea chief Lee Hee-sung, Intel head Paul Otellini will be showing off an LG Android smartphone running Medfield, with the implication it would make its way to consumer release sometime later in the year.

An Intel and LG partnership isn't without precedent — but it also isn't without disappointment. Back in CES 2010, the LG GW990 was supposed to be one of the first MeeGo devices, but those plans were nixed. Although Android was mentioned, the Korea Times report also cited anonymous LG executives who said rather bluntly, "personally I doubt that LG Electronics will release phones on Android software based on any Intel platform," adding that it was more likely for LG to "push Intel reference mobiles but with huge subsidies from Intel for promotion" — possibly Tizen, the platform borne of MeeGo's ashes. We've reached out to Intel and LG and will let you know what we hear.