What were your top 5 games for 2011?


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What a year it has been for the gaming world! I honestly didn't even get to play all the games that I wanted to since there were so many big releases and only so many hours in a day. However there were a few games that demanded my attention. These are my top 5 in no particular order :

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim (360\PS3)

Quite the epic game Skyrim turned out to be. I honestly didn't think it would be as good as it is. The sheer scope of Skyrim is a sight to behold. There is so much content in Skyrim that I'm not even sure where to start. Bethesda did an amazing job revamping their formula for these open world games. Everything has been tweaked to the point of being incredible. I really cant wait to see a fallout game on this engine.

Rayman Origins (360\PS3\Wii)

The game that has shocked me the most this year was Rayman Origins. I haven't played a Rayman game since the original on the playstation 1. Fortunately I tried the demo out for this game and was blown away by its fluid controls, and vibrant beautiful graphics. I immediately went to the store to pick it up and havent stopped smiling since!

Dead Space 2 (360\PS3)

This was probably the first big title to launch this year and boy was it terrifying. This sequel did not disappoint. Everything was bigger and better then its predecessor including the scares. If it did have a flaw it was that the multiplayer felt a bit tacked on but really...who is playing dead space for the multiplayer...am I right?

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (360\PS3)

For anyone who knows me I grew up with fighting games. I absolutely love fighting games. The fighting system is really smooth, the combos are flashy and fun to pull off, the characters are all great, and full of personality, the graphics are so beautiful in motion. I know not everyone can pick up a fighting game and "get" it, but if you can this really is a great game.

Binding of Isaac (PC)

Probably the strangest little game I've played in recent years. Binding of Isaac puts you in the shoes of Isaac who is being hunted by his mother because a greater being told her to kill you. What is great about Binding of Isaac is that every time you play the game (a play session takes anywhere from 1-30 minutes) you will be treated with a different set of items. No two playthroughs are ever going to be the same. Even better this game retails through steam for $5, go ahead and skip dinner one of these nights and pick this gem up.

This got me thinking, what was everyones favorite games this year? Have any surprises? Any disappointments? Let your voice be heard!