While Anonymous might the most auspicious organization right now channeling "hacker" efforts, the annual Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Berlin has been doing it before many members of Anonymous were born. CCC's latest initiative is its most audacious yet, however: creating a global satellite network to build a legislation-proof "free" internet, and eventually putting a man on the moon. As wild as it sounds, CCC actually has a plan to get started. The easiest way for an amateur to get something into space is a balloon, but the devices are often hard to track. CCC's Hackerspace Global Grid will create a technology and network for tracking those satellites from the ground. A "reverse GPS," as the Armin Bauer, a participant in the project, puts it. Of course, geostationary satellites are the dream, and once amateurs are doing that on a regular basis, a man on the moon doesn't sound like such a far-fetched idea. Whether or not you agree that all information wants to be free, it's nice to have some people around working on it. As long as they're not stealing our credit cards for rocket fuel, at least.