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Reviewed by Joshinri (Currently owns)

My wife and I tried this at the NookStore (oops I mean Barnes and Noble Bookstore) yesterday and we walked away disappointed (despite being initially impressed).

There is no support for Audible audiobooks or Mp3 (no speakers either) like our existing older model Kindle, and most importantly, the books are consistently $5-$8 dollars more than the Kindle versions (e.g., John Macarthur's SLAVE) and often were missing altogether on the Nook (e.g., Ray Comfort's THE WAY OF THE MASTER) when the same book was available on the Kindle.

When we asked the salesman about it, we were brushed off with some comment about publishers setting the rates causing us to wonder why most books we checked were costlier on the Nook.

Our neighborhood bookstore is featuring the NOOK in all its guises prominently and have revamped the store design around its prominence. Sadly, Barnes and Noble seem to be nonchalant about equitable fair pricing. My wife suggested "Maybe noone is comparison shopping like we are".

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  • Battery life 5
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