We've seen a few Steve Jobs dolls in our day, but this one is pretty awesome. And creepy — and we mean damn near Uncanny Valley-creepy. Being sold by an outfit called In Icons "to honor the American icon and great visionary Steve Jobs," the 1:6 scale "action" figure features the dapper black turtleneck / blue jeans combo we've seen at many a keynote. The company wants you to take note of its "piercing eyes of soul" that will "always remind you to stay hungry, stay foolish and to follow your heart in the limited life," which sounds like a lot to ask of something that will likely collect dust on a shelf somewhere until one of our younger relatives takes it outside to conduct experiments with a Swiss Army Knife and / or some M-80s, but we'll let you know for sure once we get one for ourselves. Distributed by DiD Corp, this will be available in late February for $99.99 plus shipping. And no, the tiny Mac is not included (we really wanted one too).