Help me remember an old game?

Hello All,

I am trying to remember the name of a game that I played many years ago.

The game was a PC game. I think it was Windows 95 or 98 but I am not sure.

In the game, you played as a biker. You would have battles with other people on motorcycles and you would be able to use different types of weapons. I remember using all sorts of weapons like chainsaws, seaweed, blocks of wood, there had to be about 20 different weapons you could choose from.

Aside from the fighting I can't remember much. The game always went form scene to scene so it was not much walking around if I recall..

One more interesting thing to mention is that the disc was dual sided. On one side was this biker game, and on the other was a starwars game. I am not sure if that starwars game was Dark Forces... but it might have been..

At least I think the disc had two games..

Any ideas? I have been trying to remember this forever.