Yesterday, we heard that iOS hackers brought iOS apps to a jailbroken Apple TV, and now one of those hackers is posting a variety of photos on his Twitter feed of iPad apps running fullscreen at 720p, rather than in the small iPhone-oriented windows they were running in last night. It looks like these apps can be zoomed in to take up the full TV screen or zoomed out for window management and switching between apps. So far, hacker Steve Troughton-Smith has posted photos of iPad apps Grace, YouTube, and Facetime running; he also mentioned Facebook was up and running as well.

Unfortunately, there aren't any instructions on how to get iOS apps running on a jailbroken Apple TV available yet. It's probably just as well, as it looks like there are plenty of bugs to work out (one screenshot posted showed Angry Birds running sideways). Still, we wouldn't be surprised to see this easily integrated into future jailbreaks, with custom apps built for TV hopefully following. As Troughton-Smith said on his Twitter account last night: "Remember how the unofficial iPhone apps back in '07 forced Apple's hand in creating an App Store? I'd like AppleTV to get the same treatment."

Image Credit: Steve Troughton-Smith