The developer community has reason to celebrate, as Google has released the factory image for the GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus to all. The 184MB file (Android 4.0.1, build number ITL41D or ITL41F) is a virtual mulligan for those who tinker with their phones, allowing users to easily wipe everything and reinstall the operating system to factory defaults. Android Software engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru provided a download link (hosted by Google's hub for Nexus developer support) on a developer forum a few days ago. Files for Verizon's upcoming variant of the Galaxy Nexus are not yet included, and when asked, Queru said that they'd like to release it, "but the future is always uncertain." If you're looking to get your hands on the file, check the source link from Google Code below, but if you're an amateur Android user, beware — installation is not quite as simple as you might hope.