The Underdog

I'm in the market for a new phone. I've followed the religious debate between iOS and Android for years. I've owned the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. I briefly owned a first generation Galaxy S as well but wound up getting the iPhone 4 because the GPS was all wonky and the web browsing experience wasn't as smooth as what the iPhone can deliver. So this time around I've been eagerly anticipating the Galaxy Nexus and ICS. The runner-up is an iPhone 4S (yes, I know the iPhone 4 is still a great device, but my camera is scratched, buttons don't work, and the radios are also on the fritz - I need new hardware).

I went into the AT&T store to look at the iPhone 4S and while I was there I checked to see what Windows phones they had. An hour later I left the store thinking holy crap, I might actually buy one! The phone I looked at was the Samsung Focus S, essentially a Galaxy S II in different clothes. What struck me most had nothing to do with the hardware, rather how insanely fast, smooth, and clean the interface is. I've long thought that, while I love what Android stands for, iOS has always had the edge in terms of actual performance. After my date with the Focus S, I'd say Windows Phone feels even smoother and faster than anything else I've played with on any platform.

I've done as much research as I can, looking at pros/cons, features, software availability. Seems to me that the only glaring issue is the software (or lack thereof) in the windows phone marketplace. It's not quite as flexible and well thought out as other platforms - forgivable for a 2nd generation mobile OS but also worth thinking about. iOS notification are finally kinda awesome. Android has had them forever. You also can't do some basic things like assign custom tones to system sounds unless you hack it. Even with those failings I'm quite taken with the overall experience.

Why has this mobile OS not gotten the attention it deserves?