Fujifilm seems to believe cameras stopped getting better in about 1954, and it might be right: its high-end X-series takes its cues from the Leica cameras of decades ago, and the results have been beautiful. The X10 is a slightly more consumer-friendly (read: less expensive) model than the previously released X100, costing $599 instead of the X100’s $1,199. The look is still the same, and although the specs aren’t as impressive as the X100 they’re still high-end: f/2.0 lens, 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, optical viewfinder, and all the manual control you could need. But even at the low, low price of $599, the X10 has to compete with Micro Four Thirds and Sony’s NEX cameras, which don’t look quite as cool but shoot images and video that are hard to beat. Does the X10 measure up with the best of its competitors, and is its beauty more than skin deep? Read on for our full review.