US cable television company Cablevision Systems Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Verizon Communications, claiming the FiOS provider has been intentionally running misleading ads disparaging the performance of Cablevision's high-speed internet service. According to a complaint filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Verizon's recent campaign references a "just released" FCC study which reports that during peak usage periods Cablevision's service delivers only 59 percent of its advertised speeds. Cablevision points out that while the report in question was released in August, it actually contained results from tests taken back in March of this year, and that investments and upgrades made since then have increased speed and reliability. The FCC acknowledges the improvement, noting in a recent blog post that subscribers to Cablevision's 15Mbps service now receive over 90 percent of the advertised speed at peak hours.

As for Verizon, spokesman Bill Kula told Businessweek that Cablevision was "the worst" when it came to accuracy in advertising, and that "Verizon will defend Cablevision's lawsuit vigorously to ensure that consumers continue to receive truthful information about Cablevision's misleading Internet speed claims."

Cablevision is asking that the court make Verizon immediately pull its campaign, which currently stretches across television, radio, print ads, and Verizon's website itself.