Nvidia and AMD have released updated mobile graphics chips almost simultaneously, although in both cases, it seems that there's very little different between the new series of laptop GPUs and the previous generation. AMD's new Radeon HD 7400M, 7500M, and 7600M chips are the first from the company to use the 7-series numbering, however they're not based on the new 28nm production process developed by TSMC as we'd expected. Instead, the chips employ the same Turks and Caicos GPUs that currently power the 6000M series. AnandTech has dug up a few details on the forthcoming Radeons, with the biggest change made to the midrange 7500M series, which uses 64-bit memory rather than the 128-bit bandwidth of its predecessor, the 6630M — presumably in an effort to reach a lower price point.

Nvidia's new GeForce GT 600M series is another game of spot-the-difference. The clock speeds of the GPUs remain the same as on the 500M range, though the company's squeezed a little more memory bandwidth out of the old configurations. AnandTech notes that while the specs have remained the same, the model numbers have fallen — the 555M becomes the 635M, for example — leaving space in the range for higher-end models in the future. However, with 28nm technology expected to launch soon, is buying into this marketing move a good idea?