(1) Posting an ad on The Verge Forums and (2) root.

I recently sold my Droid Eris on Amazon Marketplace for a nifty sixty bucks and change - I was elated that I could get rid of it and come out with a little cash to boot. I wrote one line in the item description: THIS DEVICE HAS BEEN ROOTED. I'll wipe data off of it before sending. Item is in 2yrs old good working condition.

Today, I received a return/refund request from the buyer, who said she bought the phone for her son but couldn't flash the phone to another carrier and now wants to return it "because the ad stated that it could be flashed to other service carriers, when i took it to the store to have it fully flashed i was advised that it could not be it was locked"

In light of this, I have two questions:

1. I didn't think "This device has been rooted" was necessarily equivalent to "You can flash this device to another carrier" as the lady claims... was it? Am I wrong in being taken aback that the "product I sent" did not match the Item Description?

2. Would it be inappropriate to post the link to the Amazon Marketplace posting for this phone here in The Verge Forums for someone to hopefully notice and buy (once I get the phone back from her and all that mess)? I figure out of the users here, someone might be interested in fooling around with this device, and it would be less of a crapshoot of hoping the average Amazon buyer has an idea of what they're doing. I wouldn't want to be hit with a banhammer for posting a link for an item for sale or anything like that. I didn't see anything in the Community Guidelines, but I wanted to ask beforehand anyway.