US import of Galaxy Nexus. What's your backup plan?

I'm really close to biting the bullet. I'd like the Galaxy Nexus, and I am not thrilled with the delays and changes to the Verizon version. I've seen it as low as $730 to buy from a US shop already imported for you, and I'd like to use it on T-mobile's $30 prepaid option. I guess the savings will be about $300 over the 2 years compared to a contract on VZW.

But I've heard rumors that Samsung will not honor their warranty because it was delivered to someone outside the official region of sale. That sucks, but it makes sense. So what the hell should my backup plan be?

Are there among you guys anyone that is honestly ready to buy a whole 'nother Nexus in the event your first one flops? Or do you have eyes on some other smartphone to use on prepay as a cheap backup? I'm really interested to know the alternatives--maybe something like $200 that I can buy and continue to use if something should happen to the Nexus. Maybe an Xperia since I hear all of 2011 Xperias will get ICS and some might be cheap unlocked by now.

P.S. Does anyone know if tethering will work on the prepaid plan without additional fees? Are you getting good data speeds on T-mobile?