Ready to get rid of iPhone 4 on Verizon..

So I'm over this iPhone thing... and Apple in general I believe.

I'm looking to get rid of my iPhone 4 and either get a Galaxy Nexus, RAZR (probably Nexus over that) or if a decent Windows Phone comes out any type soon maybe that. Anyone think Windows Phone is worth the wait? I would like a tight integration with the desktop OS but windows 8 is still a bit off so maybe stick to android for now.

I was wondering what the retail price on the Nexus is going to be? (without a contract) and if Verizon is going to offer both a 16gb and 32gb version? I like the build material of the RAZR more but the flagship google device is too nice plus ICS right away.

I'm big into games so gaming on the nexus would be fun but then again the Xbox companion app might be nice on windows phone (but I use all consoles/PC so having an app for one of them is nice but not a necessity).