I got an Asus Transformer, should I keep it?

On black friday, I was able to buy an OG transformer for 265 w/tax. So far I've liked it. I had low expectations for Android tablets, but i was pleasantly surprised.

I like the general feel of the UI, mainly the customization ability, button navigation, settings, notifications, and the "+" button. Widgets are the best. I do agree with most of the complaints that the "Apps" button is in the wrong place. I think they should swap it with the settings and notifications, putting it at the bottom right, but its not a big deal since most of the apps I use are on my homescreen anyways.

I also really the like the google intregation and general Android Advantages. The gmail, calender, and gvoice apps are great. Plus, my main use of it is at the Gym. I like to watch movies or TV shows while on the treadmill, and the ability to just connect it to the computer and drag and drop is awesome.

Having said that, it's far from perfect. The lack of Tablet app support is really annoying. It's especially annoying that some of Google's own apps aren't tablet optimized. Google+ for example. Also, why does the iPad get a google search app and we don't? Also, while I like the ability to play flash, I don't like that the Android browser can't play HTML5 video content. In general I only want to use flash when it comes to content that's only available in flash. But when i'm on CNN.com, why can't I watch the videos the same way iPad users watch them?

The thing that really bothers me is the form factor. I like the 10 inch size, but this particular tablet just seems too heavy for me. I don't mind widescreen (although I think 4:3 is optimal), but this tablet seems wider than most and it makes typing and playing games all the more difficult.

I don't mind having paid 265 for this, but my question is: Should I try to sell and buy something else?

I think I can get 350 for it on ebay. The galaxy tab 10.1 form factor seems much better with its lighter and thinner body, but having played with it at best buy, it seems too laggy for me. For the guys that have Galaxy Tabs, is this normal, or is there a way to make it smoother? (Maybe overclock?) The transformer might not be iPad smooth, but it's pretty good. I think I can get one for 20 dollars more off craigslist.

No question the iPad is the best tablet, but I think getting movies and tv shows on it is going to difficult compared to what I can do now. I don't have time to sync it with iTunes and I need to be able to play multiple movie formats. Is there a jailbreak solution that could mimic the Android way? Also, I don't want to pay too much more for it. 500 is way too much for something I won't use that often. I think I can get an iPad 1 around the same price or a few dollars more. Is it worth it?

Are there any other Android tablets I should consider getting?