We're obviously huge fans of the jetpack, but what about some rocket-boot-style propulsion? Zapata Racing has brought the concept to the open sea with the Flyboard, a wearable platform that uses water to propel you into the sky from your feet. The system works similarly to a water-powered jetpack on the market: you connect a hose to your jet ski or other personal watercraft, which then pumps water out the bottom of the Flyboard, lifting you into the air. A pair of handheld controllers allow you to control your movement for some remarkably graceful — or, depending on your coordination, facepalm-worthy — gyrations.

The device works with any watercraft running at 100 horsepower or more, with the base configuration coming in at €4,900 (approximately $6,561). The driver of the vehicle will be controlling your acceleration with this setup, however; if you want full manual controls, you'll need to tack on an additional €900 ($1,204). But really, with the looks you'll be getting, won't it be worth it?