Gore Verbinski's multimedia company Blind Wink Productions has signed an exclusive agreement to produce content for Microsoft's Xbox and Windows Phone platforms. Verbinski is the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, along with other blockbusters including The Ring and Rango. The first title from the collaboration — an Xbox Live Arcade game with Kinect support — is expected to be released late next year, though whether it will be an original storyline or based on one of the studio's franchises remains to be seen. Verbinski told the Hollywood Reporter that Blind Wink is "looking forward to our partnership with Microsoft. Their various platforms give us access to new methods of distribution, allowing us to [...] connect more directly with the audience."

Verbinski's not the first film magnate to get into video games — in 2005, Steven Spielberg signed a three-title deal with EA, a partnership which produced the puzzle game Boom Blox in 2008 before having its second work LMNO axed during development. EA said at the time that it was maintaining the relationship with Spielberg, though that was over a year ago and we've heard nothing since. With a year to wait before we see the first fruits from Blind Wink and Microsoft's partnership, here's hoping the Pirates director will find better fortune with his venture into gaming.