As part of Twitter's big day of updates, the company's changing its recently acquired TweetDeck app in a major way. It's putting the Adobe Air version out to pasture in favor of HTML5-based apps that keep the multi-column layout, but remove all social networks other than Twitter and Facebook. Gone are the options to manage other social media platforms like LinkedIn, FourSquare, and MySpace, the robust notification system has been scaled back, and many of the myriad customization options are no more.

The other major change is that the old Adobe Air version of TweetDeck is no longer available to download from TweetDeck's site, though old versions still run, and you can find downloads for the older version from non-official sources. Your options are limited to native apps on Mac and Windows, a Chrome-specific app, and a web client. The Chrome and web apps look to the native apps, which appear to be HTML5 wrapped up in WebKit. Overall, the apps run very smoothly, but the lack of customization might upset some power users.