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Senior Editors

Joshua Topolsky
Nilay Patel
Paul Miller
Ross Miller
Thomas Ricker
Dieter Bohn
Vlad Savov
Chris Ziegler
Sean Hollister
Thomas Houston
Laura June
Joseph Flatley
David Pierce
Tom Warren


Sam Byford
Bryan Bishop
Jeff Blagdon
Dante D'Orazio
Ryan Heise
Jesse Hicks
Nathan Ingraham
Jamie Keene
William Savona
Jacob Schulman
Michael Shane
Aaron Souppouris
Adi Robertson
Sam Sheffer
T.C. Sottek
Andrew Webster
Chris Welch


Chad Mumm
Creighton DeSimone
Nina Sokoler
Billy Disney
Jordan Oplinger

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Vox Games
Christopher Grant
Justin McElroy
Russ Pitts
Brian Crecente
Arthur Gies
Griffin McElroy
Russ Frushtick
Chris Plante