Is the Nexus coming today? The latest rumors here

A lot of us are waiting for the Nexus to drop, and we still have no confirmation of a release or delay. Alot of stuff has been going down with their LTE outage, Google Wallet scandal, but still no word from Verizon on anything. It's now Friday, December 9th, the day we were supposed to get the Nexus according to leaked roadmaps and training materials. A lot of stuff is happening right now so I made this place to check in while things go down.

- VZW has updated their website with their new Xyboards, with no mention of the Nexus anywhere.

-Going to vzw dot com slash galaxynexus leads to a blank shopping page, instead of the sign up page. Something done intentionally by VZW

-DroidLife uncovered new training materials saying the device is 'launching soon' instead of Dec. 9th

-Best Buy has the Verizon LTE model in stock

Android Central Member Sees Nexus at Best Buy

Should anything happen, I'll post right away here.