Apple's continuing to do away with boxed software by making Logic Studio, its professional music editing and production solution, available exclusively in the Mac App Store. Previously, the combo of Logic 9 and Mainstage cost $499.99, but you can now download each of them as individual applications for $199.99 and $29.99, respectively. This price drop follows the trend Apple started of significantly discounting its professional software in the Mac App Store: photo management tool Aperture costs $79.99 as a download compared to $199.99 for the boxed product, and controversially redesigned movie editor Final Cut Pro X is available exclusively on the Mac App Store for $299.99 (the previous version was $999.99). If you're interested, make sure you have a reliable internet connection — while the Logic Pro 9 app is only a 413MB download, there's also 19GB of additional loops and content available. The boxed software, meanwhile, is no longer available; you can still find it via search on Apple's site, but the product page is a dead end.