While services like Google Maps might help you find where things are, they don't really help you decide what to do. Enter Schemer, a new service built by a small team of Google engineers that's designed to help you discover new things to do, share "schemes" with friends, and "make the most of your day." The service allows users to select activities they're interested in, save them, and let friends know they're interested in doing them. Schemer will track completed schemes, record them in a list of accomplishments, and will eventually recommend new schemes tailored to the user's interests. 

In typical Google fashion, it's an invite-only product for now, but that doesn't mean it's lacking support — Schemer's website lists a number of notable content partners including Zagat, Bravo, Food Network, National Geographic, and Rolling Stone, though it's not exactly clear to us yet how they'll be contributing. Head on over to Schemer and request an invite if you're interested in joining Google's mustachioed mob.