Today is perhaps the most exciting day for the webOS community in months: HP's open-sourcing the operating system, Meg Whitman is committing to new hardware, and... what's this? As we live and breathe, webOS is running on at least one HTC Evo 3D. Before you get too excited, though, this isn't a version that you'll be able to download anytime soon, and it's not a completed port. Rather, WebOS Internals developer Ryan Hope (of FreeTether and wIRC) merely hacked together some code for his personal HTC handset. If you'd like to install webOS on your own device, though, there may be some hope for you yet, as Hope seems to be teasing on his Twitter feed that he'll continue working on the idea, once he gets the webOS source code.

Update: Hope says the pictures are actually a few months old, and he picked the Evo 3D because it had similar specs to the HP TouchPad. It's important to note that webOS has