While Windows Phone will be relegated to the higher end of Nokia's product lineup — at first, anyway — CEO Stephen Elop has made a point of saying that the company still intends to enable the "next billion" people to get connected to cellular networks around the world, and entry-level products are a big part of that strategy. To that end, Nokia has unveiled the 100 and 101 candybars today at €20 and €25 ($29 and $36), respectively, offering two features that are especially popular in emerging markets: FM radio and an integrated LED flashlight. The 101 adds an MP3 player (including microSD memory expansion and a 3.5mm headphone jack) and support for dual SIM cards, but otherwise, the phones are essentially the same — both run Nokia's low-end Series 30 operating system, which isn't expected to go away as the company transitions away from Symbian. Look for the 101 to launch this quarter; the 100 follows in the next quarter.