While everyone around you seems to be flicking and swiping at their computer’s trackpad, you’re still pushing the cursor about in fits of mousing nostalgia. That’s ok, change is hard. We get it. Fortunately, Mobee’s here to help ease you into the future of human-computer interaction. Mobee’s Magic Numpad transforms Apple’s unassuming Magic Trackpad into a highly customizable number keypad. A welcome trick now that Apple’s standard keyboard ships without the physical numpad extension. For $29.90 / €29.90, Mobee will provide you with the software, pen, and three "Magic Films" required to transform your Trackpad into a numpad + trackpad, an extened numpad, or a numpad with customizable keys. A smart, temporary solution when you need it and yet another argument supporting cries of the mouse is dead. Look for it to ship in October — more images after the break.