It seems tech companies are moving from the web back to the real world — Microsoft and Apple have retail locations, and now Google has quietly opened a pop-up store, called "The Chromezone," inside a PC World in London. Arvind Desikan, head of consumer marketing at Google UK, says this foray into the physical world comes after the company's research showed two things: physical interaction with the Chromebook greatly influenced how people felt about it; and 80 percent of laptops are sold through physical stores. Incidentally, Google's store only sells the Chromebook and a few other accessories, so it appears the company is trying to figure out a way to gain presence in the laptop market. A Google spokeswoman says another pop-up will open up in Essex on October 7th, along with a few more pilot shops around the world in the following months. These don't seem to be surrounded with much fanfare, so keep your eyes open, and let us know if one pops up near you.