RAZR outselling SG2 AND GNex (why branding matters)

I know the Verge like to hate on the Droid branding all the time but quarter over quarter you can see that the Droid branding is working. A Droid phone has ALWAYS been the #1 selling android phone in the US. Before the RAZR was the bestseller, it was the Droid 3 that was the best selling phone on Verizon. Believe it or not but smartphone buyers want to feel powerful and the Google/Samsung way of doing forgettable ads hasn't been working. I think Beats is a great branding move by HTC but I don't think Android should try to have ads like Apple. Last time I checked Android is OUTGROWING its competitors by 2x the marketshare a quarter and it's branding strategy seems to be working.

Amazon Wireless (they sell phones for all carriers and is a good measuring stick) best-selling phones

#1 Droid Razr 4G (Verizon)

#2 Galaxy S II Epic Touch (Sprint)

#3 Galaxy S II 4G (AT&T)