How many gadget sites do you visit regularly?

My primary site to visit used to just be engadget. I did from time to time REALLY enjoy the more in depth focus of sites like arstechnica, but it was never my staple gadget site. When thisismynext came along and josh and co left, I checked in on the new site constantly, but engadget was still my staple tech site, probably due to the breadth of coverage. Now...

my google chrome quick launch sites tell the tale, the verge has slowly moved ahead of engadget, full gadget sites seem a bit.. redundant. I think following a tech site heavily may be more of a zero sum game to me, with some slippage. Strange thing is, I read less articles now, the new layout tends to make me only choose the ones I am particularly interested in, and I spend the rest of my time here checking on the forums.

you all?