In a week full of high-end gadgets, it's refreshing to see a piece of tech that's strictly homebrew. This little hexapodal robot is made of cardboard, servos, and controllers, and can be built for around $85 — possibly less if you're able to salvage. The pieces for the robot are cut and connected to the servos, then hooked up to a power supply and controlling laptop. The result is a light but strong machine capable of some basic motion, although based on the video below, it seems to have a predilection for turning in circles.

The creator, Mike Estee, is working with cardboard because the cheap material allows him to try many different iterations of a design at minimal cost. He's made the pattern available under a Creative Commons license, and is chronicling the process of building his paper 'bots in a series of blog posts, the latest of which is available at the source link below.