After watching Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel play a multiplayer game of Shadowgun at Nvidia's CES 2012 press conference, we just had to give the formerly single player shooter a try for ourselves, and what better way to test than to work out the aggression of two Verge editors at the show? Yours truly had a bone to pick with my colleague Dieter Bohn, and though the first part of this sentence isn't true at all, Dieter could theoretically retroactively resent the pun on his last name to the point where he'd travel back in time to annoy me and create a self-fulfilling prophecy by doing so.

In other words, we needed to invent an excuse to play video games at CES, and we're truly thankful to Nvidia and Asus for building a platform where we could momentarily do so. In case you're curious, the gameplay was fairly smooth with little noticeable lag, but admittedly the Transformer Prime tablets were connected with USB ethernet dongles. We're curious to see how it'd hold up in a purely wireless scenario.

Update: The multiplayer version's called Shadowgun: Deadzone, and it's coming in the first quarter of the year.