Of the three AirPlay speakers Klipsch announced yesterday, only two are on display here at CES, but both are prototypes and only one is a working model. The first is the Stadium, which sadly was nothing more than a carvved hunk of metal, but Klipsch promises 1-inch, horn-loaded tweeters, 3-inch midrange woofers, and 5.25-inch subwoofers. The Console, on the other hand, was a fully operational prototype, though at an early enough stage that Klipsch was keeping it behind a rope, the better to hide the blinking and messy electronics we spied within from an extreme angle. As you can see, it's a very large, furniture-style set of speakers that's intended to work with AirPlay, HDMI, optical audio, and USB — but only AirPlay was up and working here. The samples we heard sounded deep and rich, though with a rig this size we'd be disappointed if it wasn't. Sadly, the update to the RoomGroove Air was not on display here. All three speaker sets are due out later this year, but no pricing has been announced.