A rep at Nikon's booth just walked us through one of the D4's most intriguing features. Once the D4 is hooked up to a network via Wi-Fi or its ethernet port, you can pull a network IP address off the screen and use that to connect to the camera with your computer. Assuming the camera and computer are on the same network, you can navigate to the camera through your browser, no apps or connections needed. Once you're connected, you can take photos, adjust all manner of settings, switch to live view, focus by clicking on individual points, and even shoot video. It's worth noting that the live view feed is dependent on your network connection; the view looks a little jerky if the connection isn't great (though you can bump down the resolution to increase smoothness). You can also easily browse all the content stored on the camera's memory cards. This feature completely eliminates the need to tether your camera with USB, opening up a lot more freedom when shooting photos and viewing them immediately on a computer. While this functionality should also come to iPads and iPhones soon, Nikon wasn't yet ready to give a demo.

Sam Byford contributed to this report.