We've spotted a couple of devices today with Intel's new Medfield chip, and this evening the company is finally coming clean about its forthcoming Atom processor, which is now confirmed to be coming to Lenovo and Motorola phones and tablets later this year. The single-core, 32nm processor, which is now called the Atom Z2460, is clocked at 1.6GHz and supports hyper-threading. That processor is then bundled with the Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX540 graphics, and Intel's 6540 HSPA+ modem inside the reference design. While Intel was showing an Android 4.0 tablet, the reference design is running Android 2.3, but battery life seems much improved over Moorestown: Intel says it gets six hours of video playback, 45 hours of music and 14 days of standby time on a charge.

However, the biggest question about Intel's Android devices has been app support. Back in September, Intel and Google announced a partnership to allow developers to compile apps for both ARM and x86 at the same time, but today Intel's detailing some more Android app magic. According to Intel's Dave Whalen, almost all apps in the Android Market will run on phones or tablets with Medfield. Even apps that haven't been optimized for Intel will work — here's Angry Birds. "Developers don't have to recompile them. We are trying to address the fragmentation issue," Whalen explained. That said, Intel says that a small percentage of apps won't work. Stay tuned for more from our Intel live blog.

Update: We've got a hands-on look at the apps and the gaming performance. Check out the video below.