Commenting in Liveblogs.

This Scribble Liveblogging system you are using is pretty cool. It updates slickly, and I'm sure it is very convenient for the guys doing the blogging.

But the one whinge I have is that it isn't user comment friendly. It technically has a user comment system, which doesn't use our Verge accounts btw, but in practice it comes to nothing. Comments disappear into "Moderating" and evaporate.

But I like to comment along with a liveblog. It was half the fun in the old Engadget days. Throwing in snarky little jokes, declaring my OUTRAGE or RABID EXCITEMENT. It's part of the game.

So, just sayin'. Just requesting you folks at Verge ponder the issue before you go to Mobile World Congress and the next round of liveblogs happen.