To go along with Samsung's recently-announced partnership with UltraViolet, Samsung launched two Blu-Ray players, the BD-ES6500 and BD-ES6000, that support disc to digital technology. As we heard earlier, users can register ownership of physical DVD or Blu-Ray discs by popping them into either of these players; digital copies will then be created and added to the user's UltraViolet account. If you're upgrading a DVD to high-definition, there's a small fee (though Samsung hasn't said how much it would be).

Aside from disc to digital, the BD-ES6000 is an extremely compact little player that looks a bit like an older Mac Mini — the player itself is not much wider than a disc itself. The BD-ES6500 looks more conventional, but includes two HDMI ports to help streamline a user's home theater: instead of hooking into the TV, game consoles and set-top boxes can be hooked directly into the Blu-Ray player. Both players support 3D Blu-Ray, of course, and include Wi-Fi, DLNA, and access to the Samsung Smart Hub for apps. Lastly, there's a new Android and iOS remote app specifically for Blu-Ray; previously it was only available for TVs. We'll keep an eye out for these players on the show floor and see if we can get a demo of disc to digital.