CES 2012. External Hard Drive.

Hey guys. Just looking for some quick feedback. I am looking to purchase a external harddrive for my computer. Fastest thing it has is USB 2.0. I was hoping for some advice. 1TB is really the only requirement. I had also been checking out a few of the articles on here. I wanted to see if anything at CES had peaked anyone's interest that might be looking for something similar as well. There's so much news I can barely keep track of it all. Also there was one I caught a glimpse of on here a day or so ago I didn't get to read up on yet. It was a black external harddrive I saw on here in a CES article, it had like a security card that slid in it. It looked interesting and different but amongst EVERYTHING else I can't find it again. But mostly I just thought if there were a few of us on here that might be looking for some more memory and saw a few options in the CES articles we could share a few things here. Thanks.