Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal

CES has brought a lot of new products. Also a lot of Apple "inspired" products that really lack any inspiration. Dells XPS 13 for example, is a laptop that completely ripped off the Apple laptop design. Right down to the power button (though innovatingly on the opposite side) to the XPS branding in the bezel of the screen to the large no button trackpad. Its an Apple Copy.

This had me thinking about the quote Steve Jobs Famously loved to use: "Good artists copy, Great Artists Steal"

This had me analyze what he had menat by it. And from these PC makers latest release, I now understand.

PC OEM's copy. They take an idea already out their and then cheapen it, and spit it back out. It lacks inspirations and is a complete half hearted "me too" product. Copying is to take what exists and reduce a non original version of it.

Apple Steals. They stole the iPhone idea from Palm & Blackberry & Microsoft. Smartphones Already existed. Touch screens already existed. What they did is re-invent the smartphone. They made it their idea. They forced a second coming of the smartphone and thus created the market we now know. Stealing is to take an existing item and make it yours.

So my question is. Why don't we see more Stealing from PC OEM's ? Why always copying and not stolen ideals? Its clear from the Acer Slide mishap, to the HP Envy series to Dells latest offering, that PC OEM's are only interested in the reproduction of great ideas, not the re-invention of them.

So is it because copying is cheap and stealing isn't?