A Concept for the Apple TV

I was listening to the Vergecast from CES Day 0, and the discussion between Paul and Nilay had me thinking about something that Apple could do with their televisions. I am not sure if anyone has ever had this idea before so don't blame me for stealing :).

The Monitor:

It could just be a large Apple Desktop monitor, maybe 36"+ since no one likes small screens anymore! The monitor can be connected by wifi or ethernet. It can also have 500GB of space for DVR'd shows, apps, videos, pictures etc.

The Remote:

This seemed like the hotpoint between their discussion. My take: Apple gives a stripped down iPod Touch with every television. When you first turn on the "remote" you get a few default apps. iTunes, Settings, Youtube, Videos, Music and maybe some more. Whenever you want to buy a channel just go into iTunes and this is what you will get.

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(My 5-minute mockup :) )

When you are done with buying some channels this is how the homescreen will look.

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Now using the television:

The t.v. guide can be something like the new notification center. If it is 8:00p.m. the notification center will show all the shows coming on from the apps that you have installed. If you have some shows saved like Game of Thrones, the notification center will automatically notify you that the show is about to come on.

The T.V./remote combination will run on the iOS ecosystem, so you can also search the web, go on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to use your iPhone instead, you can just sync it once and you will be good to go but there should be a 1 remote limit because what's worse than having two people changing channels constantly.

This is just something that popped into my head while listening to the Vergecast. So what do you guys think Apple would do if they make a television.