Mad Catz's Pro Circuit Game Controller, with an extremely modular design, is now shipping for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The officially licensed MLG controller got a rugged feel, a metallic-locking 3m wire, and optional weights near the battery report if you need a heavier or lighter gamepad. The big draw, though, is the interchangeable d-pad and analog sticks. Pull out the concave Xbox 360-style stick and swap it for the convex PS3 version. Swap the d-pad and joystick's positions entirely. It's a pretty clever trick, and both version come with a two d-pads and two pairs of analog stick modules — one each for PS3 and Xbox 360 style. The faceplate is three separate magnetically-locked pieces with matte or gloss finishes (or a combination, if you're into that sort of thing). Both versions are now available at GameShark and Amazon for $99.99 — and on the off chance you find these options limiting, Mad Catz told us today that new modules will be announced and sold separately at a later date.