SteelSeries just announced a handful of accessories here at CES 2012. The most interesting is the Ion, a Bluetooth gamepad for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It looks just like any old controller, with two shoulder buttons total, four action buttons, two analog sticks, and a d-pad. SteelSeries hasn't announced any compatible titles yet, though the company says the Ion will arrive in Q3 for an undisclosed amount.

Other than the Ion, SteelSeries announced the Flux headset, which offers interchangeable shells to change the headset's color, and two 3.5mm jacks so you can daisy-chain multiple pairs and share what you're listening to. The company also introduced its Siberia V2 headset that has some blue LED lighting, improved audio quality, and active noise cancellation. Lastly, SteelSeries revealed three new mice: the Kana, Kinzu V2, and Kinzu V2 Pro Edition, which are all ambidextrous gaming mice with few buttons.