Who ate all the Ice Cream Sandwiches?

As I gaze into the depths of countless booths on the showroom floor I can't help but notice something just isn't right. It feels as if the culmination of what we believed to be copious here at CES has been blatantly left out of the group. Yes, I am referring to Google's newest Android OS: Ice Cream Sandwich. Other than a few tablets and Lenovo's non-Google-Google TV, Ice Cream Sandwich is nowhere to be found. Don't get me wrong, we are witnessing the pinnacle of innovation here in Vegas but ICS was expected to be much more prevalent and consumer-oriented at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Whether you're an Android user or not (preference is all in the perspective of the user), there must be that slight bit of curiosity floating around in the back of your minds. Why have we seen Android 4.0 on significantly less devices than expected? Did manufacturers simply fail to have it ready in time?Are they holding out for MWC? Is it because Windows 8 is lurking around the corner? Were our expectations too high? Whatever the answer may be Android users must be somewhat disappointed that the most polished and notable version of Android yet has been placed on the back burners in favor of the common phrase: "An update to 4.0 will be available in the coming months." Anybody who has owned an Android smartphone knows this phrase all to well. You can call me an Android fanboy, fandroid or whatever you like, I'm just surprised that we're not seeing more tasty Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.