We dropped by Nyko's CES booth today to see what the gaming accessory maker had to offer. First up was a range of accessories that should be hitting during the PlayStation Vita's "launch window" (the company couldn't be more specific) — a charging dock with speakers, a car charging kit, and a game card and memory card case. Nyko is also planning a battery-extending grip for the Vita, though this wasn't ready to be shown off today. Next, we saw a couple of Yo Gabba Gabba-branded products, which represent the company's first foray into the world of licensing. There was a DS/3DS charging stand and alarm clock featuring the character Muno, and a Brobee hip pack designed to carry a couple of DS-sized devices. Lastly, we saw Nyko venture entirely out of the gaming world, with some products for the Kindle Fire — a charging speaker stand along the lines of the Vita dock, and a battery pack case that relocates the Fire's power button to the front of the device.