Some opponents of the Stop Online Piracy Act have wondered if any of the larger websites will conduct service blackouts, and now one major player is set to shutter its doors. Reddit says that it will be blacking out the popular content sharing website on January 18th for twelve hours from 8AM to 8PM EST. "Instead of the normal glorious, user-curated chaos of Reddit," the admins write, "we will be displaying a simple message about how the PIPA / SOPA legislation would shut down site like Reddit, link to resources to learn more, and suggest ways to take action." The company says that "support for a blackout isn't unanimous," but that it believes the bill is a "serious threat to Reddit and the internet as we know it." Reddit's blackout may be be the largest and most dramatic to date, but we'll have to wait and see what kind of real impact it will have — twelve whole hours without adorable pictures of cats may just be the last straw for denizens of the web.